Fish on!
Taking a day out for fishing is good for the mind, body and soul.
Captain Allen Mills, a native of Amelia Island, has been fishing its waters since he was a 10-year-old boy--that means 45 years of casting off, dropping anchor, and reeling in prize catches of everything from red fish and tuna to snapper and kingfish.

Captain Allen assists his guest with a Redfish on the line.

It's all in the wrist.

Today, he owns several boats for backwater and oopen ocean fishing charters. When asked if the neighboring waters are good for fishing, Captain Allen, ordering a shipmate to cast off, says "Amelia Island is the best place I know because you can catch a 200-pound tarpon on the beach while looking at your condo just as easily as you can go to the back side of the island and catch red fish or trout. For fishing, this place is the best of both worlds."

Visitors to Amelia Island can hire Captain Allen to take them on the Amelia River on the west side of the island, into the calm waters of Cumberland Sound and its many estuaries, or out into the open ocean, venturing out up to 60 miles for day-long forays. "You can fish all year round on the island," he says, "but the backwaters are best from September to May, and the ocean waters from May to September." On Amelia Island, fishing is, at once, a livelihood, a sport, a diversion, and even (you'll hear many locals say), a method for contemplating the ways of life.

This was one of those assignments that was definitely on the fun side. Who can complain when you get the chance to take your boat out and follow an experienced guide through the backwaters, photograph people catching fish, get a line wet yourself, and wrap up the day cracking a beer and chowing down at the marina?

Life was good today.
Captain Allen and Steve (an old cllient of mine) grabbing lunch at Brett's Waterway Café.
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